Adventure trail and exhibition

Our permaculture site is open for interested visitors to observe and discover, we have put up signposts of the different permaculture elements.

In permaculture, everything begins with the observation of natural cycles, so we would like to invite all visitors, big and small, to observe.

Please show up briefly at the reception (1st floor of the guesthouse) when you visit the nature trail. In our shop next to the reception you can buy herbal products, seeds, perennials (during the season) and permaculture literature.

We hope you enjoy it!

In addition, a small exhibition about the Alpine Permaculture Schweibenalp is available in our “Permakultur INFOBOX” in the entrance area of Schweibenalp, which is open all year round.

Come and visit!

Overview of our permaculture landscape


This can be observed and experienced in the Alpine Permaculture Landscape:

1. “Küchengarten” – Kitchen garden: precious herbs right on the doorstep

2. “Saatgutgarten” – Seed garden at the farmhouse: organic varieties from our own seed propagation

3. “Nordhang” – Biodiversity: vibrancy and promotion of beneficial insects

4. “Waldgarten” – Edible landscape: well-known and rare fruit trees and shrubs

5. “Kräuterterrassen” – Herb terraces: for sniffing and observing

6. “Bienen” – Bees: important pollinators of our fruit trees and other plants

7. “Erdgewächshaus” – Earth greenhouse – Walipini: an idea from the Andes

8. Seed garden at the “Alphaus”: a second location for growing our own seeds

9. “Gemüsegarten” – Vegetable garden: partial self-supply for our seminar kitchen

10. “Gewächshaus” – Greenhouse: straw bale house for growing plants

11. “Staudengärtnerei” – Perennial nursery: robust quality and great variety

12. “Obstbaumlebensgemeinschaft” – Fruit tree community: herbs and shrubs under the trees

13. “Wildhecke” – Wild hedge: protection and food for wildlife

14. “Komposttoilette” – Composting toilet: drinking water is precious, so it is saved here

15. “Kompostplatz” – Composting site: this is where the gardeners’ gold is created

16. “Pilzgarten” – Mushroom garden: tasty mushrooms from the wood stump

Alpine Permakultur Schweibenalp