The alpine permaculture, a paradise for nature and people!

Since 2011 we have builded a sustainable productive and ecological meaningful landscape according to the rules of permaculture.

We take care of herbal, vegetable and seed gardens, look after a lively landscape with fruit trees and berries, run a perennial garden as well as a beekeeping business.

Our seminar guests as well as our volonteers learn in praxis about implementing permaculture. In this way we are spreading permaculture with all its positive effects for our planet, so that our future generations can live from the land.

♥ Versatile and stable ecosystems
♥ Living space for people, animals and plants
♥ Healthy soils, bio diversity and quality landscapes
♥ Paradise for nature and people

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With your support we would be so happy to be able to develop our project further in the coming years.

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Alpine Permakultur Schweibenalp