Our Project

With its 20 hectare area Alpine Permaculture Schweibenalp is the largest alpine permaculture project in Switzerland.

In our education centre we impart knowledge of permaculture as an integrated planning system and vital philosophy which addresses all levels of a population. Teaching, learning, and discovering occur in our indoor and outdoor classrooms.

We produce a wide range of herbal products, plants and seeds. In our perennial nursery we cultivate with a lot of love and dedication a wide range of permaculturally interesting plants. Our plants thrive at 1100 meters altitude and are planted, tended and harvested by hand.

Most of our veggies, fruits, mushrooms, berries and fresh herbs go into our community and seminar house kitchen. We cooperate with local farmers, cooperatives, hotels and traders to market our products.

We foster biodiversity and catch rainwater in ponds, provide habitat to a variety of wild animals and our wish is to live in harmony with the ecosystem around us.

Here is a short video about Alpine Permaculture Schweibenalp:

Alpine permaculture catches on

Alpine Permakultur Schweibenalp