Permaculture Education Center

In our education concept we impart knowledge of permaculture as an integrated planning system and vital philosophy which addresses all levels of a population. Teaching, learning, and discovering occur in our outdoor classroom. Collected knowledge and experiences of the project, „Alpine Permaculture Schweibenalp“ flow into both certificate as well as individual courses. From our permaculture gardens course participants learn one-to-one how theory becomes practice.

Certified Education

Permaculture education on Schweibenalp is transferred as certified basis courses. The permaculture design course (PDC or 72-Hour-Course) is based on an internationally agreed upon curriculum based on the learning concept of Bill Mollison, the founder of Permaculture.


In our beginner courses participants are instructed in the basic principles and uses of permaculture.

A diversity of further courses impart more specified knowledge to support the heart of permaculture knowledge: beekeeping, herb production, composting, scything and mushroom cultivation amongst others.

In our workshops participants are shown how vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, berries and fruit are cultivated on Schweibenalp and which elements of permaculture are integrated in these spaces.

We also offer courses in permaculture planning for people interested in designing their own gardens and projects according to permaculture principles.

Our courses are normally taught in german.


Please register at the latest 3 weeks prior to the beginning of an event at [email protected] or online under the menu option „Register/Anmelden“

Alpine Permakultur Schweibenalp